Sitara Chiu PPC


Sitara Chiu was born in 1992 in Scarborough Ontario. She is the daughter of an engineer and a political science major who have given her a world view that is grounded in practicality and can see the bigger picture.

She attended the University of Toronto for Civil Engineering with a focus on Building Science. She has since completed numerous building restoration projects. In her role as prime consultant she understand the truth of making trade-offs when managing multiple stakeholders and subconsultants.

As a child she embraced Canada’s classically liberal view of equality at the time which was that no matter your race, gender, or creed, every individual should be given the same opportunity. There has since been a great shift in the meaning of equality from “equality of opportunity” to “equality of outcome” which is unnatural and penalizes the hardworking.

Sitara is running as the PPC candidate for York South-Weston to take a stand for the Canadian values she has grown up believing in of Personal Responsibility, Individual freedom, Respect & Fairness. She wants you to stand with her.


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